Flexible Tripod FT-1

  • Flexible Tripod FT-1

    カラー:Black x Black/Gray x Black/Pink x Black
    Light weight flex tripod.

-This clamp pod is very compact and is suited just for compact digital camera,
-One of features of this tripod is that this tripod can be  attached by winding to pole.
 Also, it can be used on the alevel ground as a normal tripod.
 And, you can enjoy taking a picture with various angles. 
-Since it can be folded to compact size, it is easy to carry it. 

Size:W33×D35×H150mm  (foldind size)
Height:135mm(Angle of the leg is 50 deg.)
Loading weight limit :200g
 (It varies depending on the condition of installed place and angle. )
Camera screw:1/4-20UNC
Made in China
Material:TPR, ABS, Stainless steel, rubber etc.